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Waste Management-Water Treatment

TPM Group is committed to the continual development of our comprehensive, cost effective and environmentally conscious waste management program.

We manage the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams generated from routine business operations, remedial projects and post-response clean-up activities at our facility. This includes classification, profiling, manifesting, and transportation to qualified Treatment Storage Disposal Facilities.

Waste Technicians are OSHA trained in profiling, consideration of options and selecting the most cost-effective way to dispose of constituents. Further, our ability to characterize and manage waste streams covers a variety of disposal methodologies.


Fuel Blending

Solid Stabilization

Liquid Stabilization/Solidification

Water Treatment

We typically determine and suggest disposal methods by characterization of waste and waste streams. These methods include Recycling, Fuel Blending, Class I and Class II Direct Landfill, Solidification, or Liquid Treatment.

TPM Group has the ability to transfer and dispose of sustainable amounts of contaminated liquids with great efficiency and an overall cost effective savings for customers both large and small.

Waste is a part of our business. Responsible handling, recycling and disposing of that waste is our business. TPM Group ensures your waste solution balances your objectives, operational demands and budget. Our team creates a custom service program to remove waste when you are ready.

Call us today to reduce your risk and minimize impact on your business and the environment.


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