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Recycling and Reuse

Whenever a person makes a decision, they usually take a second to consider the benefits and pitfalls that may happen as a result. While potential negatives exist in nearly any situation, there’s one where they’re virtually nonexistent – recycling.

Construction Debris

TPM Group’s recycling center, has been operating since 1924 and manages materials that would otherwise be disposed of or discarded so that valuable, reusable components can be recovered and reused. Doing so reduces the amount of material that ultimately ends up being disposed of, helping the environment by reducing the volume of material that ends up in the disposal facilities.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Recycling scrap metal is one of the most economically beneficial opportunities we face today. Metals that have been dumped in the form of automobiles and old machinery contain many toxic chemicals that are wreaking havoc on the ecosystem around it. The recycling of these materials is also extremely beneficial to the manufacturing industry in that it significantly reduces the power required to create new materials, which in turn allows them to save energy for use elsewhere. Also, with such a finite amount of these metals left for use, it’s important to conserve as much of it as we can for future consumption.

Water Treatment of Industrial & Petroleum Impacted Waters

We deliver the full spectrum of services – from initial design, engineering and pilot/laboratory studies for water, wastewater and recycling reuse issues. We assume the risks and responsibility for the complete design of your wastewater system – freeing you to concentrate on enhancing the profitability of your core business. Whether it’s oil/water separation, biological treatment, recycle/reuse, solids handling, emissions control, groundwater remediation, or in-process treatment, TPM Group delivers complete and economical solutions for the petroleum industry. These solutions are backed by the wastewater treatment industry’s most comprehensive range of services, including laboratory and pilot studies; wastewater facility design; construction/installation; process evaluation; emergency spill response and hazardous waster management.

Disposal of Off Specification or Out Dated Chemicals

The EPA recommends that you find someone who can use or reclaim your outdated, change - excess or off-spec chemicals before you dispose of them. If your outdated, excess or off-spec hazardous chemicals cannot be used, reformulated or reclaimed and they are hazardous waste, you cannot send them to a solid waste landfill. You must send them to a permitted hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facility. TPM Group can dispose of these hazardous waste materials for you.

Oily Water and Oily Waste Recycling

Oily water / wastewater is collected throughout the state. This water is brought back to our facility to our own nonhazardous wastewater pre-treatment facility.

TPM Group uses a pre-treatment system to separate the water from the oil and treat the wastewater to achieve compliance with discharge limits. The chemical treatment program used at the treatment facility is effective in reducing the contaminants in the waste stream. The program consists of organic polymers which are effective in demulsifying the waste stream while reducing the sludge volume generation as compared to totally inorganic treatment programs.

Used Oil

TPM Group provides used oil collection to any location you generate it.

We can schedule your business on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly intervals where we will come by and pick up your used oil.

Did you know? Each year, do-it-yourself oil changers dump nearly 200 million gallons of used motor oil. Tragic when you consider just one gallon – the amount from a single oil change, can make a million gallons of fresh water undrinkable!

If you recycle just two gallons of used oil it can generate enough electricity to run the average household for almost 24 hours.

Waste Solidification

TPM Group uses a number of solidification stabilization products that are used to achieve a number of performance objectives such as dewatering sludge’s and high water contents wastes for disposal.

For environmental and remediation applications, these solidification reagents can effectively bind contaminates both physically or chemically to prevent leaching or release to the environment.

Certified Destruction

Your company is liable for the vital information and environmental impact your equipment may cause if it has not been properly handled. What if your vital information gets into the wrong hands or ends up in the landfill?

TPM Group has the solution.

Complete computer and electronic destruction

Total information elimination

Environmentally friendly handling of electronic waste

When it is all said and done, there is nothing to lose sleep over. Your computers, servers, and other electronics, along with vital documented information, no longer exist. No one can ever state you did not properly destroy your electronics and complete your due diligence.

Reducing waste is a paramount concern and one that is at the forefront of the recycling movement. Making recycling a habit is a small price to pay for the damage that not doing so can have on the environment. Don’t wait – start recycling today!!

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