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Hydro-Excavation is a process that utilizes pressurized water to break up and remove the soil via air conveyance (vacuum) in to a debris tank, providing a non-destructive means to safely locate utilities and precisely excavate an area.

 Founded in 1991, TPM Group is a leader in providing hydro excavation, industrial vacuum and environmental services.  Our core hydro excavation services are listed below.  Many applications fail within these core services and are available to multiple industry sectors.

 Emergency Response

Train derailment?  Oil Leak?  Tanker Accident?  Our hydro excavation services can cover them all and have done so in the past.  Call us when it wrecks, leaks, breaks or turns over.  We will respond to your emergency!


Potholing is the most common form of vacuum excavation.  It is the process of excavating a hole in order to locate a utility that’s location is more or less known.


Using Hydro Excavation for trenching is the most cost effective way to either “clear” an area or search for a utility line that’s location is unknown.


TPM Group can perform tunnel digs for foundation repair companies for both homes as well as business.


 Line Locating / Designating

TPM Group provides cost efficient, safe utility line locating for commercial construction companies, municipal projects and similar industries.

 Tank Cleaning

TPM Group can clean your 60’ deep lift station.  Our giant positive displacement blowers will lift it out.

 Subsurface Utility Engineering

SUE is an engineering process that accurately identifies the quality of subsurface utility information – the data and techniques needed to effectively design and construct a project.

Civil Construction

TPM can use vacuum excavation to clean and redefine drainage ditches, clean catch basins/culvert, safely excavate for grinder pump and much more.

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