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Emergency Response

From Lake Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico, oil or hazardous material spill, TPM Group responds to any type of environmentally threatening accident.  With professional personnel to ensure a safe, effective, and regulatory compliant response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  TPM employs fully certified, extensively trained, and vastly experienced personnel.  Each response team member is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation.

TPM Group has been responding to environmental emergencies since 1991.  From locations as challenging as in the rivers of Tennessee the shores in the Gulf of Mexico, TPM has always provided it's customers with the most professional staff, the finest equipment and state of the art technology.

Whether on land or water, TPM has been the preferred responder for pipeline, rail, aviation, and ground transportation companies.  Safety is of paramount importance at TPM, full time safety personnel respond to each spill. The exceptional safety record at TPM is no accident but the result of a commitment to our fellow workers' personal well being and to their families.  This commitment has resulted in TPM having one of the lowest injury and accident rates in the industry.

Scenarios include:

Oil, fuel, chemical, and hazardous material spills

Train derailments

Chemical or Fertilizer Plant

Hazardous/non-hazardous waste transportation accidents


Pipeline ruptures/leaks

Leaking UST’s

Emergency Response Services Include But Are Not Limited To:
Oil and Hazardous Materials Spills
Truck Roll-Overs/Transfers
Railcar Derailment
Confined Space Rescue
Biohazard Containment and Clean-up
Disaster and Flood Response
Barge & Ship Leaks
Fuel Spills
Industrial Plant Emergencies
Air Quality Monitoring
Acid Spills

Large Scale Petroleum Products

Chemical and Hazardous Material Spills

Multi-Car Train Derailments

Industrial Facility Explosions

Transportation Accidents

Disaster Cleanup/Recovery

Utility Companies

Disaster Response

Incident Management
EOC Support
Flood Management
Training and Rescue
Emergency Response
Decon Solutions
Waste Management
Industrial Services
Vacuum Truck Services

Extensive Knowledge
Understanding the codes and regulations, recognizing their implementation, and meeting their criteria is paramount when responding to an environmental emergency.  TPM's knowledge and expertise in this area greatly benefits its clients.


Our response teams and management personnel have responded to incidents in nearly every state as well as locations worldwide. All responders have a minimum of 40-Hour HAZWOPER, First Aid and CPR, Confined Space Entry and Railroad Contractor Worker Training. Most personnel possess additional training and certifications covering a multitude of disciplines. Site-specific health and safety plans and daily tailgate meetings are an integral part of assuring employees and clients the safest working environment possible - every day.Our goal is to consistently provide our clients with the highest level of technical competence, strong project management, integrated health & safety and quality control with an emphasis on financial accountability for all projects


TPM Group delivers high-quality emergency response and industrial equipment from an extensive inventory. Vacuum trucks, tankers, roll-offs, marine response vessels, pumps, skimmers, and emergency response vehicles - all with a wide variety of capacity and performance specifications - allows us to match incident needs with appropriate resources.

Years of Experience

Practical field experience coupled with superior equipment, enable TPM to dispatch an appropriate response to any emergency within minutes of the call.  TPM is quick to mitigate the hazard, i.e. contain and prevent the spread of material into the surrounding environment, and therefore, limiting expense and liability for the client.  Each TPM responder is well-disciplined in proper material handling, communications, and safety. Years of experience with oil spills has given TPM close and mutually respective working relationships with both federal and state regulatory agencies throughout the United States.

TPM's professional reputation has earned respect from agencies such as:
United States Environmental Protection Agency
Kentucky Commission of Environmental Quality
Kentucky and Tennessee Parks and Wildlife
Kentucky and Tennessee Departments of Transportation
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Emergency Management Agency
United States Coast Guard
Florida Oil Spill Coordinators Office
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
United States Wildlife and Fisheries
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Tennessee State Emergency Management

Technical Services
Specialized Maintenance Programs
Tank Cleaning, Confined Space Entry, High Pressure Washing
Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance
Health & Safety Training
National Responder
Demolition/Competitive Waste Management Services for Your Waste Streams

Want to know more?
TPM has a solid reputation.  With over 25 years of experience, TPM is very familiar with the regulatory agencies that write and enforce these laws.  Subsequently, TPM understands the issues involved when responding to an environmental emergency. When a spill occurs, call "Your Emergency Response Team," TPM Group!

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