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Demolition and Dismantlement

TPM Group provides Demolition and Dismantlement Services in both emergency and scheduled situations.  Applications may include demolition and dismantling of partial or total building or plant structures.

 Removal of Process Equipment, Tanks and Piping

Upgrading equipment or renovating production areas may require the removal of existing process equipment.  Often, the equipment has been installed during building construction and must be disassembled for removal.  Welded piping, stainless alloys, reactors, pressure vessels and limited space require the skillful selection of demolition techniques such as cold and hot cutting including plasma arc cutting, mechanical disassembly and/or rigging.

Selective Reinforced Concrete, Structural Steel, Wall and Flooring Removal

Renovating, downsizing or expanding a facility may require the removal of building components.  TPM Group understands the engineering principles and had the project management expertise to safely demolish and remove structural reinforced concrete slabs, walls, columns, steel and heavy timber beams.

Demolition of Contaminated Building Components

TPM Group can provide turnkey services for contamination identification, sampling, segregation, and disposal.  We implement efficient methodologies to reduce site emissions during activities and cost-effective disposal technologies that are compliant with all applicable regulations.

Demolition of Compromised Structures in Emergency Situations

Our experts can rapidly produce a comprehensive plan to safely address dangerous situations when the integrity of a structure has been compromised by a catastrophic event.  We immediately notify and apply to regulatory agencies for demolition permits, consult engineering disciplines, implement a site health and safety plan, and mobilize the necessary equipment and manpower.

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