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Aviation Services

We offer a variety of fuel tanks personally assembled for the needs of your facility. TPM Group personnel have the capability to fabricate, assemble, complete site work and install a complete fuel farm customized to your unique aviation needs.

TPM Group provides the following:

Fuel Farm Upgrade

  • Automatic Tank Gauge Installation
  • Emergency Shutoffs
  • Fall Protection
  • SPCC Plans, Storm Water Permits
  • Fuel Farm Maintenance Programs
  • Parts

Compliance – Tank and Line Testing

  • TPM Group Precision Tank Testing is a state-of-the-art electronic computer system using equipment by USTest, which provides accurate testing results.
  • TPM Group can keep your fueling system in compliance by conducting IUM inspections, site inspections, and special projects.

Other Testing:

  • Product Piping
  • Line Leak Detection
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Meter Calibrations

AST & UST Fuel Storage System

  • Installation and Removal
  • Fuel Farm Upgrades, Repairs and parts
  • New Airport Site Assessment Phase I, II & III, Including Geotechnical Drilling
  • Installation of Water Defense Systems
  • Automatic Tank Gauge Systems
  • High-Level Alarms
  • Filter Changes
  • Installation of Welded Stainless Steel Piping Systems
  • Turnkey Installation of Self-Serve Units (SERA)

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