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Aviation Fueling Systems

The TPM Group offers aviation fuel tank inspection, fabrication, installation, services and closure plans for aviation fueling facilities.  A staff of licensed professionals and technicians are experienced in building and installing tanks to service your specific needs.  We currently offer services throughout the eastern United Sates.

We offer a variety of fuel tanks personally assembled for the needs of your facility.  TPM personnel have the capability to fabricate, assemble complete site work and install a complete fuel farm customized to your unique situation.

TPM provide the following:

Fuel Farm Upgrade

Automatic Tank Gauge Installation

Emergency Shutoffs

Fall Protection

SPCC Plans, Storm Water Permits

Fuel Farm Maintenance Programs


Compliance – Tank and Line Testing

TPM Group Precision Tank Testing is a state-of-the-art electronic computer system using equipment by USTest, which provides accurate testing results.

Need a compliance program put in place?

TPM can keep your fueling system in compliance by conducting IUM inspections, site inspections, and special projects.

TPM can provide other testing such as:

Product Piping

Line Leak Detection

Cathodic Protection

Meter Calibrations

TPM offers the best in compliance testing with our state of the art equipment and trained personnel.

Aviation Petroleum Partner

TPM offers the following scope services:

AST & UST Fuel Storage Systems

Installation and Removal

Fuel Farm Upgrades, Repairs and parts

New Airport Site Assessment Phase I, II & III, Including Geotechnical Drilling

Installation of Water Defense Systems

Automatic Tank Gauge Systems

High Level Alarms

Filter Changes

Cathodic Protection and Testing

SPCC Plans and Storm Water Permits

Fuel Farm Maintenance Programs

Installation of Welded Stainless Steel Piping Systems

Turnkey Installation of Self-Serve Units (SERA)

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